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Ganoderma Technical Information & Background
:: . Technical background
ganoderma technical information With a background in orchid plantations and an overwhelming interest in traditional medications, Mr. Leow Soon Seng (Researcher in Mycology) started a research on the various species of mushrooms in Malaysia, in 1983.

He discovered that the climate (28”ĘC-32”ĘC) and humidity in Malaysia are very conducive for Ganoderma cultivation. After conducting different of tests and experiments, he discovered that Ganoderma Lucidum has the highest therapeutic value, compared to other types of mushrooms. Although there are 200 species of the plant, only six types has the greatest therapeutic value. Subsequently, these six species are used to produce Gano Excel's Ganoderma. Mr. Leow has adopted the tissue culture concept together with the usage of 100% organic elements for the cultivation of Ganoderma.

He uses paddy husks, brown rice flour and rubber tree scrapes as the medium of plantation. No chemicals, pesticides or hormones are used in the cultivation. Exposure to sun is also controlled in order to maintain the highest therapeutic value. The Ganoderma takes a period of 3 months to mature and the plucking process is closely supervised.
:: . Ganoderma Organic Plantation
A proper environment is essential in ensuring high quality Ganoderma production. Gano Excel owns the world's biggest Organic Ganoderma Plantation in the world which incorporates an environment-friendly concept. The greenhouse maintains a sophisticated and modern technology, as proper cultivation methods and surroundings are essential in producing Ganoderma with high-therapeutic value.
:: . Manufacturing
Our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) factory which has been internationally certified, ensures that Gano Excel products comply with international standards. Our products are tested to be free from steroids, heavy metals, alcohol and other harmful elements. A scientific and systematic method of process and production ensures that Gano Excel products are high in quality.
:: . Research & Development (R&D) + Quality Control (QC)
Quality Control
Gano Excel places utmost importance on quality control in all its divisions; from cultivation right up to the packaging stage. We do not compromise on quality, as this is the guiding principle practiced diligently by our researchers and quality control team.
Gano Excel is always astute to the latest market trends, taking into account any demand for the development of innovative products. Our R&D division continues to remain consistent and committed in this aspect in order to maintain our edge, and face the intense challenges of this new millennium.
:: . Certification and Accreditation
. Drug Control Authority
. Ministry of Health Malaysia
. Australia Quarantine & Inspection Service
. USM Innovation & Consultancy Centre
. Direct Selling Association of Malaysia
. Singapore Productivity and Standards Board
. Chemical Laboratory
. Biochem Laboratories
. HALAL Certificate
. Ministry of Health Singapore
. Bureau of Food & Drugs


The Research: Pub MedType in "Ganoderma or Ganoderma lucidum" in the search field for hundreds of  Studies!

Home Products Ganoderma History Technical Info. Testimonies Opportunity Order Options
Melody Propst - (503) 353-8968 --- Company Site

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